Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ever had dragon fruit?

When we traveled through China, our tour guide purchased several dragon fruits, and served them with one of our meals so that we could try them.
This look like this - pink on the outside.  The peeling is actually not too thick and peels off quite easily.  So I bought one at my local Sprouts because I wanted to see if there was any difference with the ones purchased in the States.
All of the ones I saw in China were white with small black seeds - kind of like a kiwi.  You can imagine my surprise when I cut it open and found this - a hot pink dragon fruit.
They looked like the color of beets. The color temporarily stained my hands.
They are good, but truly reminded me more of a sweet beet than a fruit.  For the price I had to pay at Sprouts for one ($6!!!), I don't think I will try it again.  The price in China?  $3.  

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