Friday, September 23, 2016

Housing in China is an amazing sight...

There were just rows and rows of tall apartment buildings.  In every direction, there were high rises.
 These photos were taken from our hotel room window.

 Remember I told you about the cranes in China?
(One-third of all the cranes in the world
are being used in China.)
Even when I see a crane here in Arizona, I can't help
but think about all of the cranes in China.
 See the tall building on the left (above)? 
It is the Shanghai Tower and the second tallest building in the world.
The one on the right is the Shanghai World Financial Center,
also among the tallest buildings in the world.
 The picture below is a good depiction of
the housing situation in Shanghai and Beijing.  
Remember Beijing has 19 million people,
Shanghai has 24 million - 24 million in one city!  Whew!
It reminded me - just a bit - of the homes shown in 
the movie Divergent.

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Laurie said...

So enjoyed reading about your trip to China! Was so interesting. You sure did get to see the culture while you were there.