Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Terracotta Soldiers near Xian

Near Xian we went to the Terracotta Soldiers exhibit.  You should really google what they are and to get better information, but in a nutshell, the first emperor of China (a young man, 13 years old) had a terra-cotta army built in the likeness of his soldiers. His artists/sculptors worked on it the entire time he was the emperor.  They started the project in the year 246.
They weren't discovered until 1974. Once found, they built this structure over the exhibit in order to work on the soldiers and preserve the location.
It was totally amazing that they survived as well as they did.
Of course, Pat and I had to get a selfie with the soldiers in the background.
This is another one of the pits they found.  They have uncovered three pits but believe there are many more.

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