Saturday, July 29, 2017

More photos from Lisbon, Portugal

I enjoy taking photos of the buildings, especially the housing, in other countries.  I like to see how people around the world live.  Notice in this first photo, the clothes hanging outside the windows on the top floor.  Wonder if they have ever lost their laundry to a strong wind.  I am guessing they did.
 One night's dinner, pizza and pasta.  Really good.
 I chuckle at this picture because with our pizza and pasta, 
the server brought us mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and tobasco sauce.
They pointed at our food and then the condiments.
They must have thought that Americans eat these things on everything.
It just made me laugh.
 Below is a local pharmacy.
 I am attracted to their yellow/gold painted buildings.
I am drawn to them.
 A side street...
 On our first afternoon, we took advantage 
of a local tour guide who drove us around Lisbon in an open cart 
to see some of the sites.
 A boat harbor...
 And then one of my favorite photos...
just a photo of the street taken from the bus - in the rain.
This is the day we left Lisbon.
I believe the next stop was Seville.

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