Thursday, July 27, 2017

More photos of Lisbon

We stayed at the Hotel Mundial in Lisbon.  This was our first breakfast.  Note the pork and beans, and lunchmeat.  We had orange slices in most of the hotels in which we stayed.
 My travel mates:  Pat, MaryAnna, and Laurie.

 I was so amazed that we had a doorman who looked like this!
I mean - where do you see one dressed like this?
He was sp gracious to let me get his picture.
 At first glance, this looks like an orange tree,
but these are actually floral blooms.
 A walk through the park...
 Ham and cheese (the first of many on this trip),
but the difference is that this bun has a sweet crumb topping.
It was REALLY good.
 This pastry was to die for.  
It was flaky and very light - I know - it doesn't look like it,
but it was definitely one of the best I have ever eaten.
All of this happened on our first day in Lisbon (Lisboa).  
It was a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

So fun to relive our trip with your blog. Also is fun to see what you got photos of that I didn't notice! Laurie

tainted with a positive view said...

I have enjoyed going through pictures again - we did so much!