Sunday, May 16, 2010

Check Out My Toes!

I'm not sure where to start tonight because I've been running like crazy today. I did accomplish a great deal and was even able to work in a pedicure - not just ANY pedicure but "the works." That included callous removal, the super duper massage, masque, and hot wax. I have to say my legs and feet feel really great. I tried to take a picture of my feet and you might think that would be an easy task, but it actually took me 19 tries before I felt comfortable flashing my feet on my blog. On my camera, they looked like what I call "old lady feet." Here's the one I ended up with. I've decided I would probably never be chosen to be a hand or foot model.

I want to show you a few photos from my "Happy Camper" altered mini book in which I used the Cosmo Cricket "Mr. Campy" paper line. I think this line is just so very cute. These are copies of the first one I made, but my friend, Lindsay, at Cosmo Cricket, has the newer, better version.

I can't get the photos to line up perfectly, but you get the idea. Have a great week. Back tomorrow!

1 comment:

vee said...

hahhhahaaa, ok so
#1, i always have to take at least 50 pics of my toes/nails before i post them, so ur not the only one! IT IS SOOOO HARD TO GET A GOOD PIC OF UR FEET/FINGERS!

#2, ur toes look magnificent! im so jealous! im not getting my toes done till june 1st and im going crazy looking down at my plain ugly toes!

I LOVE UR BOOK! i love happy camper. one of my favorite scrapbooking lines EVER! i cant wait for lindsay to come back to pv! i love how u call him ur friend! he's like a celebrity! u have a famous friend!