Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm back... with a new look! I was just moving things around, looking at different templates and backgrounds, etc. (which took me forever, by the way). I ended up with this, which I do like - kind of Victorian/vintage. I've been wanting to show you pictures of one of my classes held at http://www.papervineyard.com/ Paper Vineyard. It is what we call a Squash Book (because it "squashes" down). They are cute, versatile and very unique mini books. Here are pictures of the books folded, and then unfolded. The inside pages are what really make the book. And then, of course, I could not forget my students! They really concentrated on their books and they turned out beautifully! Look at all the smiles! And, just like I said... two GUYS took my class. They were actually signed up by Celina who is the wife of Greg and sister to Carlos. Thanks to everyone for making it a great success!

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sherry said...

Loving the new look of the blog