Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Jack and Sophie

This is Jack - he is the first dog I have owned since 1988. He's been with us since November 2006. We are crazy about him - he is a sweet Parti-Pomeranian. I keep his fur short because it is much easier to maintain. He's 10 pounds, but he thinks BIG! We are not sure but guess he is 9-10 years old. Jack LOVES to take walks. We can hardly put his leash on him because he gets so wound up. He was a stray that someone found and we ended up with - we are lucky to have him! He's actually a cat in a dog's body. He has many of their characteristics. My daughters have taught him some tricks and try really hard to get him to "talk."

Meet Miss Sophie. Sophie turned 2 in February. She is very sweet and loving - she loves to cuddle. Strangers, however, would never get this feeling. She gets downright nasty when new people come over. We really try to work on that. but it is slow progress. She definitely can't be Chairman of the Welcome Committee. Sophie was living with neighbors of my friend from work, Elaine. She is so entertaining and we love to watch her. Sophie is a Schnauzer-Shih Tzu mix and her fur is changing. She is loud and stubborn. Her walks start off well, but then she gets to the end and wants to stop. I have to watch her because she will eat literally anything. She weighs approximately 18 pounds. We love having her around.

They are all spiffed up in these pictures. They must have been to the groomer the day we took these pictures.
If you have a dog(s), I would love to hear about them.
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jayayceeblog said...

Your babies are beautiful ... there's nothing like the 4-legged kind! We have a couple of Yorkies, Miles and Louie. The fabric scrapbook I am STILL working on from our PV class is all about our dogs. Hopefully, someday I will be able to show the finished book on my blog. Here's a little post about our puppies from last year