Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get closer, Geri!

I carpool with Geri everyday to work and today, while driving on the 60 toward Phoenix, we see this car way over in the right hand lane. I look at Geri and say "is that some sort of police car?" He moves closer and so I pull out my camera and... here's the car. Hopefully you will be able to zoom in. What you can't see? The license plate says "Rosco1." On the left hand side of the bumper, there are stickers that spell "SHERIFF" and on the right side of the bumper, there are stickers that spell out "HAZARD COUNTY." My next question is: Is it legal to put red and blue lights on their car if it isn't a valid police car? My guess would be no, but obviously Rosco is happy with the look. And, then again, maybe there's no law about that. Happy Thursday - one more day and we're off for a 3-day weekend!

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Tina said...

Maybe it was the car from the show. The Dukes of Hazard car has been here before for filming. ?? Otherwise there is a very odd person on the streets of Phx. lol