Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back 2 School!!!

Here's a quick fashion show of Myah and Kylee with their NEW back-to-school outfits: Love the high tops!
Sparkles in your skirt will surely make your day better.
This one absolutely LOVES dresses!
She looks like she is jumping.
They will definitely be in style for the school year. It makes me think of when I would take my girls back to school shopping - it was always fun. I would take them to one particular store, Northern Getaway, and tell the clerks what they needed (1 dress, 3 pants outfits, 1 skirt and top, shorts and t-shirts, etc.) and then I sat and waited for them to show me what they picked out. It was so much less stress for me... and I still had the final say. Thanks to Myah and Kylee for bringing back those memories. Happy school year, girls!

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