Monday, September 6, 2010

BIG Cricut mess!

We made a big cricut mess! It seems we had paper everywhere! Our goal: to make calendar headings of each month for her classroom. This was actually the mess at the end of the project. I wouldn't let her start putting it away until I took a picture. Here are the finished calendar headings. The finished size of each one is 4.5" by 11.25". This will help her first graders learn the months of the year. They turned out so cute! We put little embellishments on each heading that correlates with each month. It was definitely hard to pick our favorite.
I really like September's school bus... putt, putt, putting along...
but Kate really liked November's turkey. Some of the designs were so intricute because they were so small and she swore she performed surgery on the turkey trying to get the outline off the paper and glued on his body. We also liked July's fireworks. Who am I kidding? We liked them all!

It was a late night, but we had a great time together. I have been up late three nights in a row this holiday weekend - I need to go back to work. I bet you never thought you would hear me say that, huh?

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vee said...

what a wonderful idea for katie's classroom! if i were a teacher, i'd do the same thing! i love it! woohoo for the cricut and awesome cartridges they offer! i'd love to see a pic of what it looks like in her classroom once she has it done!