Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am having so much fun googling junk blogs

and junk websites. These two pictures are from Robinwood Reclaim located in Minnesota. They sell antique/vintage items of all sorts on their website. This is a feed trough and the description/ comment below is what grabbed me.Feed Trough. You honestly think I'll get $100.00 for this!? Yep, I guarantee some citiot will cough it up. Manure included. Hey, its got built in fertilizer!
Jean's comment: Okay, am I a "citiot"? I guess so, although I have no desire for the manure. It might make a great flower box.
Another item for sale:
Barn Door. Old barn door with hinges, bird poop included. $100.00
Jean's comment: No thanks to the bird poop. I can get that right here in Arizona.

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