Thursday, September 23, 2010

My "loot" from Junk Bonanza

Here's the flyer we picked up from Junk Bonanza. I was right - it started in 2006. Here's a picture of everything purchased: Imagine it! sign, red gingham metal tray, wire message holder in the shape of dachsund, wood spools, dominoes, plastic whistles, Wisconsin license plate, bingo card, bingo markers, a metal hanger, some metal googley eyes, some funky clips (nobody knows what they were used for), 2 clock hands, fawcet handle, Purdue pennant, small round plastic cogs, type setting stamps, Boggle game cubes, cartoon film strips, a recycled purse, and my favorite: the "Monkey See Monkey Do" metal sign. I think that's about it.
I love all of this stuff - it reminds me of certain things/events/people in my life. Purdue is for my little brother, Jeff, who graduated from there. Wisconsin is for him, too. I hope to get a book done for them using the cover as a license plate. The signs are for my new craft room. The small things are for curio boxes I am working on, and some of the metal objects are for a birdhouse project. The red tray is to make a magnetic calendar. So much cool stuff!
I LOVE this purse. It is made by Karen Heddens Designs from "recycled" wool sweaters. I love the long strap. I love the floral design and colors. She makes several sizes and many different prints and colors to choose from. Check out her website at There was so much to see that day and so little suitcase space!

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