Friday, October 8, 2010

What a storm!

These photos are NOT of Phoenix, but we had a nasty storm Tuesday night, with buckets and sheets of rain and even some hail! It literally poured on and off all night long. Winds were fierce. We had a small bit of a clearing/dry spell about 8:00 p.m. I went outside to bring my garbage can in and it was really dark, but the sky was totally electric. The photos below look something like the sky, but I couldn't find the exact picture I wanted. Do you remember the scene in The War of the Worlds (with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning)? It is this scene where they are looking up at the sky. Remember it? Well, that's what the sky looked like in my neighborhood last night. It was as if someone turned on a strobe light behind the clouds. It was very creepy. I just wanted to get back inside my house. So tonight when I went for my bike ride, I took a couple of pictures of the damage done in the neighborhood. This big tree was literally broken in half.
This is normally a dry spot where kids/dogs can run. It is like a small lake, with a lot of debris in it. Again, limbs down. While riding, I heard many electric saws cutting down trees. It was kind of an eerie sound. I'm sure we needed the rain, but we also got a lot of hail.

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