Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cigar Box

You have heard many times of my friend, Cindy. Every year she invites three of her Minnesota friends out to Arizona and she hosts a "girls weekend" in her home. It is always in October and they usually do a craft project over the weekend, shop, stay up late, gab all night, drink lots of coffee, and not sure what else. I would guess they do not divulge everything. But I do know they have a good time. This year the project was to alter a cigar box. Diane's box is pictured below. I absolutely love what she did, using Graphic45 "ladies" paper on the outside, the jewels on the top, metal legs, it is beautiful! Here's the inside. I love how she pieced the Eiffel Tower between the top and inside. It is nice. I am not sure what she plans to do with it, but it is gorgeous!
Okay, this picture I couldn't resist. The drawing in the background is of the three ladies who come every year: Diane is on the left, Val in the middle, and Kay on the right.
Beautiful job, Diane! I should get photos of Val's and Kay's cigar boxes tonight or tomorrow. I will share them with you.

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