Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a great Class!

Saturday morning was my monthly All Occasion Card Class - we made ten Christmas cards using the Cosmo Cricket holiday line "Mitten Weather."  Ten simple, but cute cards.  I sold all 18 kits that I made - Whew hoo! 
Pictures - in no particular order -
Here's Joanie - smiling wildly.  Joanie always likes to "mix things up a bit" by adding her own flare and experimenting with different techniques.  And that's what this card class is about - change 'em up.  These cards belong to you, so make them your own.  I do the same thing when I go to card classes.  I can't help it.
These are the tables, set up, laid out, just waiting for the ladies.  I was ready for them when they walked in the door.  Yeah for Jean! 
This is Mary, who takes quite a few of my classes.  Always a delight!
Two of my friends, MaryAnna (on the left) and Claudia.  I call MaryAnna my first Arizona boomarang friend.  When I moved back to Arizona in 1997, I met MaryAnna at church and we have been friends ever since.  I also met Claudia at church and her daughter, Krista, loves crafts and now actually works at Paper Vineyard.  MaryAnna is a seasoned crafter, but this is all new to Claudia.  She had a great time, though.  Watch out, Claudia, this does become addicting!  I am also in a book club with these two ladies.
This is Sarah, with her granddaughter, Rachel.  Rachel is a senior this year, and her grandmother signed her up for this class.  She was so very quiet, I hardly knew she was there.  Her cards were very cute.  She was another one who "did her own thing."  Thanks, Sarah, for bringing Sarah to the store (and thanks to Valerie for telling Sarah about Paper Vineyard).
One of my favorites - Celina - working on her cards.  Celina has signed up for the entire weekend of Homespun Holidays and she is very excited about it.  Check out my blog on Tuesday - I am featuring a diecut box made by Celina.  It is so cute!
Every class has to have some sort of treats.  I made Paula Deen's recipe for "Aunt Trina's Pumpkin Holiday Treat."  It is kind of a cross between pumpkin pie and cake.  It is crunchy, pumpkiny, nutty (pecans), and of course, buttery.  Everyone raved about it.  I made it for work and everyone loved it there, too.  Let me know if you want the recipe, I can send it to you.  Or you can google it, as well.
These are Liz's cards.  She did her own thing, which is great, and exactly what she should be doing.  Very cute, Liz!
And this is Liz.  This was the first time I met Liz, another quiet one, but always had a nice smile (meaning she was having a good time)
I missed getting a picture of Michelle and Sherry Bamsey's (Susan, Sandra, and Victoria) three friends.  Sometimes I am a little slow on getting out my camera.  I'll catch them next time!  Thanks again, everyone, for your help in making this class a success.  And a big thanks to Paper Vineyard for providing the store space for this class! 

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Looks like it was a BLAST!!! HOW do I keep missing you??? :D