Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book by Carlos

I'd like to say I taught Carlos everything he knows, but that would be a lie.  Carlos is the brother of my friend, Celina.  A while back, Celina signed herself up for one of my classes - the explosion book - and also signed up her husband, Greg, and brother, Carlos.  She thought they should see how, and why, she likes to spend her time crafting.  I did teach Carlos how to make this book, but wait until you see what he did with it!  It is absolutely wonderful and very different ~
It is a travel book that he made for Celina and Greg.  He took photos and cut other photos of Greg and Celina and used them together to make "scenes."  It's hard for you to see but in this next photo, photos of Celina and Greg are placed in the mountains, kind of like their own Mt. Rushmore.  Very cool.
In this photo, Carols put pictures of Celina and Greg on top of another photo, which actually makes a third photo - this one.  It is hard to explain, but all of these photos on top of each other, interposed with other photos, is very 3-D.
Nice use of embellishments, Carlos.
This is the whole book stretched ("explosion") out...
Celina says that Carlos is much more creative than her.  I'm not sure I agree, but I do agree that this is one very unique book and an awesome gift - one that Celina and Greg will cherish.  Thanks for sharing it with me!

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