Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scrappy Boutique, Orlando, FL

While in Florida I am working on my cards for the card exchange, but I needed green paper, so... what a great opportunity to check out a scrapbook store.  I had to look hard to find one.  Several were listed on the internet, but many of them were closed.  I did find Scrappy Boutique in Orlando and my mom, dad, and I took a drive over there to check it out.  This is Jenna...
Front doors.  It is located in a shopping center.
Lots of stuff to look at.  It was packed with lots of great lines and embellishments.
The cropping/class area - I had mom and dad sit and wait for me here while I did a little shopping.  My dad was in printing for all of his working career and so, naturally, he is looking at the paper.  I think it surprised him that I wanted to drive 30 minutes to buy green paper.  Little does he know...
I have a whole room of "stuff."  While I was working on my cards, he said "these cards aren't cheap."  I couldn't argue with that and simply agreed.  At some point, it's not about the money.  Am I right?

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Etta said...

I live in Winter Haven, Florida. I drive a full 60 minutes (if traffic is not heavy) from my driveway to the parking lot at Scrappy Boutique. You found the best scrapbook store in the vecinity. It is, indeed, well worth the drive. Etta Thomas