Friday, February 18, 2011

Glitter everywhere!

I took the glitter class on Sunday at Paper Vineyard.  I;m not getting old - I know I mentioned that in an earlier blog.  :)   These are the samples that we made in the class - they are panels which can then be placed on card fronts.  The glitter is so fine, it is amazing!  This entire front is made of glitter and it does not come off.
These are the three card fronts we made - everyone's was different because we were able to select whatever colors we wanted.  So there was quite a variety.
The one in the middle started off with a sticker that had many parts.  You peel off one layer at a time and then sprinkled/brush the glitter on the exposed sticky part.  You then burnish the glitter (rub it with your finger tip) and the colors really pop.
I think the silver one with navy blue and green swirls ended up being my favorite.
It was a lot of fun and yes, you do get glitter on you while you are making these cards, but they are absolutely beautiful!

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