Sunday, March 6, 2011

Annual Back-to-School Cookout...

We get together every year with two other families and we call it our "back-to-school" cookout.  We don't always cookout, but we always eat.  My long-time friend, Esther, started this after the girls and I moved back to Arizona in 1997.  She may have done it before, but I'm not sure.  But these friends go back much farther.  Esther and Frank were two of the first people I met when I moved to Arizona in 1981.  So, you do the math... it's been a long time.  Our kids did a lot of growing up together and called each other "cousins" - and still do.  It is truly like family.  However, this year we were obviously late getting together and then I think we missed last year.  That should never happen again.  We had such a great time.  A very loud game of Pit is always played.  And usually Wii or this year, Connect.  Let me introduce everyone.  I hope I don't misspell anyone's names...
Jerimee and his wife, Jessica (they belong to the Aaron-Bullock clan).  
Jerimee is a little less than 2 years older than Kate - the oldest of the "cousins."
 This is Makayla.  She is 3 and she belongs to Jerimee and Jessica.  
She is absolutely beautiful and quite smart!
 Frank and Jeff Seeker.  Jeff is 5 months older than Kimmy, 
so we have many baby shots of the two of them together.
Jeff works full time and also attends ASU.
 John and Esther Bullock.  John is great about hosting this whole group.
 This is Jasmine, Brandon's friend, playing bubbles with Makayla.
 From the left:  John and Esther, Loretta Seeker, and then standing is Brandon - you'll see more of him later.
 Tim is Frank and Loretta's youngest son...
Lakin, the sweet baby being held by Kimmy, is Jerimee and Jessica's 1-month old baby...
and then there's my Kimmy.
 Okay, this one is better:  Tim on the left, Kimmy holding beautiful Lakin, and Brandon.
Kimmy, Brandon, and Jasmine are graduating from ASU in May.
Tim is 16 - a scary age because 16 year olds want to drive.
 This is Rob, Esther's middle son. 
He also is working and going to school and hopes to graduate in December. 
It was actually Rob and Kate who brought this group together again.
Thanks, you two.
 This is Lakin.  He is starting to fuss just a little at the end of the evening.  He was so very good last night.  
I walked in just at the right time and was lucky enough to hold him a very long time.  
I was definitely a baby hog.  It is so nice to just cuddle a sleeping baby.
 Here's my Kate, holding Lakin.  
Obviously, he was passed around because everyone wanted to hold him.  
 Another shot of Tim with his girlfriend, Alex.
 Esther - the chief cook and bottle washer.
 Another shot of Jessica sitting next to Nate, John's grandson.
Let's see... there's
John, Esther, Jerimee, Jessica, Makayla, Lakin, Rob, Brandon, Jasmine, and Nate - 
Frank, Loretta, Jeff, Tim, and Alex - and
Jean, Katie, and Kim
Yep, I think I got everyone's pictures.  
Fun night.   
Let's do it again - how about September?

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It's Me! said...

Sweet sweet photos! It actually reads and looks like you guys should do it a couple times each year. Thanks for sharing.