Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mesa Stamp Convention

I went to the Mesa Stamp Show/Convention held this last weekend.  I had not been in years and I did have a great time.  Just a time to look at new products, new stamps.  Some of these I had seen before.  I only took a few photos - for purely selfish reasons - samples for me to refer to.  I bought a "chicken wire" background stamp, so I wanted to refer back to this card...
I love this stamp by Magenta.  I saw it at CHA and loved it, so cute!
I really like the stamp on the left of the dandlion.  I don't really think it is a dandilion, but some sort of thistle or something.  I just love that look. 
It was a fun day with my friend, Lois.  I did some damage to my checking account, but I have some great ideas for classes.  Let's see if I can pull all of that together.  Have a great day!

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