Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday's Class

went very well, but these women were extremely quiet.  So quiet in fact, I had to ask for the music to be turned on.  They must have really been thinking about the projects.  This is the table set up before everyone sat down. I sold many kits this time so there were actually 12 in the class.  Nice size.
Say Cheese!  
You've seen these two before - mom and daughter, Carol and Brooke. 
 This is Dana - another designer/instructor at Paper Vineyard.  It was so nice to have her in my class and on the "other side of the table."
 This is Darcy with her daughter on the left, and daughter-in-law on the right.
Lois, Valerie, and MaryAnna...
Valerie was the big winner of the day - she won a card class for May!
 Pam, Marijo, Mary, and Nancy...
As you can see, there were lots of smiles.  
Everyone loved their frames and cards, which makes my day!


Lori Barnett said...

Wonderful pics! It sure does look like it was a totally fun class. I must get in and play with you all one of these days. :)

Marijo said...

I loved the class on Saturday! I WILL be signing up to take more!! Thanks for everything. I love my frame and cards.
Marijo aka Scraptastic Grammy

Pam Wendt said...

What a fun class! And the frame and cards turned out so pretty! :o)

tainted with a positive view said...

Thank you to all of you! I am so appreciative of everyone who takes my classes.

It's Me! said...

My what a pretty spacious. My what lovely customers!!!! Happy to have ALL of you at PV.