Monday, March 28, 2011

Still my birthday...

I am a day behind - Last night I just crashed after my day, which consisted of:
breakfast at Liberty Market in Gilbert... great place to eat - 
quick to get through, yet with some style
My breakfast guests:  Katie, my oldest daughter on the left, Tristan, my great nephew, Susan, my sister, Mikayla, my great niece, and Kimberly, my youngest daughter.
We all enjoyed our breakfasts immensely.  Great place.
I went home and hung out at home a little bit before heading to Paper Vineyard for my card exchange.
Then an early dinner with my friend, Cindy, at Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert.
Now, here are some random photos of me...
I don't know exactly how old I am in this photo, but I would guess about 3.
This was just last year - I love to wear this Santa Hat during the Christmas season.  
My co-workers or my daughters would tell you that.
This was my 50th birthday - I threw myself a bunco party with 20 friends.  We had a great time!
High school - maybe my senior year...
This is me with my sisters, Susan, on the left, and Gail, on the right.  
We were in North Myrtle Beach on vacation - during my high school years.
My sister, Gail and I.  I'm the little one.  
With my little brother, Jeff.  I'm all about fashion in this photo. 
A little bit of fun today.  Thanks for reading.


Pam Wendt said...

Happy Birthday Jean! Love the pictures! :o)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Jean ~ I'm catching up on blog reading this morning. Happy belated birthday to you!!! The photos you posted are all so cool - I love this post!

And thanks for the tip on Liberty Market. We're always looking for good breakfast places! xo