Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots of stuff happening...

As you know I moved - I will provide pictures once the house is considered "acceptable." Right now there are boxes and paths in almost every room. I am, however, working on my craft room first. :)
I have gone almost everyday over to the "old" place to finish getting stuff and cleaning.  I believe tonight will be the last night.  How did we accumulate so much stuff?  And who needs all that stuff?  It has really made me think about it. 
Kimberly graduated from ASU on Friday night, so I have a few photos from that...  Here we are getting ready to walk into the Phoenix Convention Center...
After graduation with her sister, Kate, and mom... 
Kim, the graduate!
We had an open house the next morning, but I have not downloaded those pictures yet. 
In spite of it being a lot of work, we did have a great time.
Other big news?
Our friends, Nicole, Sam, Myah, and Kylee, got a dog on Saturday. 
Meet Shadow...
She is so very cute!  I haven't personally met her yet, but I'm guessing that might be Saturday.
More news?
I went to Kate's class and took donuts (donated by Dunkin' Donuts - yeah!!!).  Very sweet kids. 
We made bookmarks as a small craft for them to do...
 In these two pictures, they are holding up their bookmarks - hard to see, I know.
 And, of course, the donuts...
Samples of two of the bookmarks...
 J.B. are not the initials of the student - J.B. stands for JUSTIN BIEBER! 
He was pretty popular on these bookmarks.
And ... a photo of them lining up for music class.  You can almost hear the "shhhh" sounds.
I have been very busy during the month of May, I still have a couple more things going on, but I am looking forward to less commitments and deadlines.  Can't wait to get my craft room in order so that I can start working on my June card class!
Take care, everyone!

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Carrie Rosalind said...

Looks like you've been having fun! Congrats, Kim! And those bookmarks are so cute! :)