Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Antique Mall

I have never been to, but decided to spend some time at the Antique Mall on Arizona Avenue, south of  Warner.  It was like taking a stroll down memory lane.  I took photos of some of the nostalgic items that I came across:
My mother had a Jewel ware teapot just like this and one of my sisters has it.  I remember my mom using it quite a bit, though.  Do you remember you could only get them with stamps received from the grocery store?
An Underwood typewriter - like the one I learned to type on.  Man, have things come a long way since then.
Do you remember Mr. Machine?  We had one and played with him all the time.
Look at the price of these buttons... $25!!!  This jar is not that big, maybe 5 inches high.  At that rate, I could make a small fortune if I sold my buttons.
Remember the Charmin babies?
You don't see thermoses like this anymore.  We always took one of these filled with punch or koolaid to every picnic.
My mother's canister set.  She still has it and uses it every day.
Okay, this piece of furniture was the first version of the original Scrap Box - not really, but it was huge, and it rotated.  Lots of drawers.  It would work well in a craft room, but the price was $2,700 although everything was 10% off this weekend.
I saw this piece first and really liked it because it would hold 12 x 12 paper, rubber stamps (individually or by the set).  I thought the price of $669 was high until I saw the other one.
We had candle holders like this and used them for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table scraping off the melted wax on these candle holders.  I am sure my mother still has these as well.
 I can't think of the name of this brand of dishes, but my grandmother had a set if dishes like this.
Aluminum cups and pitcher.  We had these at my grandmother's house in Oklahoma.  We thought they were unique and really liked them - probably because of the colors.  They would sweat something terrible, though.
Nice "potty" chair."  I have never used one of these or really even seen one.  I have seen chamber pots at my great and uncle's house in northern Indiana when I was very small.  I remember the beautiful porcelain bowls under the edge of the beds and also remember asking my mother what they were for.  She told us "If you use them, you have to clean it up."  Obviously we used the indoor plumbing.
Another piece of Jewel ware - a tall teapot.  I bought this one.  The price was reasonable and really filled a nostalgic spot in my heart.  Jewel ware has become collective so it surprised me that I found it just sitting outside among the wood and metal products.
A minnow can.  My dad was a fisherman, so I have strong memories of bait and cleaning fish, etc.
And glass pop bottles.  There is a house near Cottonwood that took these old bottles and made a "bottle tree."  It was so unique - and I wish I had taken pictures so maybe I could duplicate it.

Well, that was a couple hours of my time.  I took more pictures, but felt these were enough to share.  Do any of these items look familiar to you?

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Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Jean ~ I've never been in that place because I'm afraid I'd go crazy in there! LOL Sounds very pricey to me and I loved seeing your pictures of some of the treasures there. Carrie lives very close to the antique mall and she's been in there a few times and loves it.