Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Frame

I had a special order for a water sports/beach frame and the recipient's favorite color is blue.  So last night I sat down and pulled one together.  I think it turned out cute - love the palm tree.  I actually had 4 palm trees in my yard and truly did not like them, but on a frame?  I like it.
A close up of the palm tree.  I added the jewels to make them look like coconuts.
This is the back of the frame.  The inside/middle piece is reversible, so until it is actually filled with a picture, it is still pretty sitting on a table.
A side view...
These frames are a snap to do and could really be done with scraps.  The frames are more than reasonable at Michaels - once you do one, you will make a ton of them!  Happy Thursday!

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She loves it!