Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Occasion Card Class

I cut my kits this week getting ready for the all occasion card class, which was held today.  I had a good turn out and we had a lot of fun.  They were a quiet group, though.  Some photos from today...
Carol, Carol, Brooke, and Valerie are busy putting cards together.
Three generations of card makers:  Carol, her daughter, Carol, and granddaughter, Brooke.  Today was Carol's birthday (the Carol on the left) and Brooke made the most amazing cupcakes!  Sorry I missed getting photos of them.  They were lemon cupcakes, very light, and absolutely wonderful!  Thanks, Brooke, for that tasty treat!
 Miss Theresa - who also makes beautiful cards.
Everyone working away on their cards.
The punching station - there were multiple border punches used in the cards in today's class.  Border punches are one of my favorite tools.  I just can't have enough and I am always looking to expand my supplies.
Nancie definitely looks like she is having a good time - and so organized!
Thanks, ladies, for a great morning!

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