Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday Friends and Family Crop

After my class on Saturday morning, I went home and spent a little time with my puppies, then back to the store.  Several of my friends were getting together at the Friends and Family Crop held at Paper Vineyard.  I had to work on my cards for the card exchange.  This month's theme is "ribbon and lace."  I had to change my initial plan because my sewing machine just wouldn't cooperate.  I am going to have to get it fixed before my sewing class on 9/11/11.  I was very frustrated, but still came up with a cute card design.

 This is Theresa's work station.  This is the same Theresa who took my class today, so she has been a busy crafter all day.  We talked about how we could do it all day long.  
 Esther and Nancy are working on their projects.
And this is the rest of the room.  A nice crowd  turned out.
Tomorrow is a special day.  I am going to two classes by designer, Debby Schuh.  She lives in New York but is in Phoenix for Creative Escape, so she is teaching at a local scrapbook store.  I have wanted to take one of her classes - and tomorrow is my chance.

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