Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Happy Stalker!

I shared with you yesterday that I was taking two classes with designer Debby Schuh.  Debby is from Buffalo, NY and was here in Phoenix for the last Creative Escape which took place this last week.  At the last minute, she offered two classes at a local scrapbook store.  I very briefly met Debby at CHA this last January and when I did, I truly felt like a stalker.  But let me tell you, after her classes, I was one happy stalker!  Here's a sampling of my day...
I drove to Scrap Happy Sisters located at 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road.  Yep, that's what I said. It took me about an hour.  Part of the 101 was closed down and I had to take the frontage road.  Needless to say, I was a little worried.  I pulled up and was able to park right out front.  That's my little car.
I always enjoy going to other stores .  Scrap Happy Sisters has a lot of samples and I wish I would have had more time to look up and down each aisle.   I was busy with the classes and on the break, I went and got something to eat, so there was little time for shopping and exploring the store.
Here I am with Debby Schuh.  I loved her classes and especially her teaching technique.
In this picture Debby is showing us two of her projects for the next season.  Her eyes were closed for this picture - very sorry.  
The picture below is of one of the books we made today and is titled "The Recipe of Me."  Some are going to use it as a cook book, but it's original intention is to do a book about me, people and things that fashioned me throughout my life.  It has the most interesting folded pages, which is hard for me to show you.  Her products were a combination of different vendors, but the paper was from October Afternoon.
Some of the inside pages...

The second altered book we made started out as a shopping bag from the Anthropologie Store.  
Some of the inside pages...

I had a great day - and can't say enough about how much I enjoyed these two classes.  Debby is coming back the first weekend in December and you can bet I will not miss her classes.
Have a great week!

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