Monday, August 8, 2011

Art Unraveled in Paradise Valley

I went to Art Unraveled for the first time last year.  I had no idea what to expect. but this year I was in a much better position to make assessments.  Some of my finds:
 These are cocktail napkins.  I have plans for them.  The Hawaiian one is not so weird, but everyone was grossed out by the TV dinner set of paper napkins.
 There are some gold fan charms, brown tarnished brads, cards with vintage photos of children, a set of rubber stamp sayings (I bought it solely for "Oh, goody gum-drops!"), and Christmas theme ATC cards.
 More vintage cards - don't you just love that orange  hair and clothes line?
 Brown wood beads (from old bracelets), vintage clothes pins, two aluminum coasters, 9 yards of thin coiled leather (like a thin leather belt).
 Two small sheets of 3/4" square tiles - I already know what I am using these for.
 This is a gold eggplant, really small, heavy and... extremely cute.  I don't know what it was used for, 
but I like it.
A rusty, metal butterfly with marbles in the body.  This will be used on the same project as the square pieces of tile - can't wait to get that started.  As always, I will share it.
See?  More fun after the estate sale.

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