Thursday, August 4, 2011

You have all read about my scorpion dilemma...

well, today was a big day at my house.  The house was sealed to keep out scorpions.  We used a company in Tempe - liked them from the start.  They are very knowledgeable about scorpion habits.  The name of the company is Seal Out Scorpions and that is all they do, no other kind of pest control.  They are busy year round.
I can't believe I am putting that picture on my blog.  The guys wear t-shirts that have small pictures of scorpions on them, which I do find creepy and disturbing.  They sealed the inside and will come back to seal the outside.
Anyway, I am feeling very good about this, but still wonder when I will feel comfortable sleeping in my bed again.  I heard that scorpions can live up to a year without eating.  Too bad I can't do that.  I would not need to be attending Weight Watchers, right?  My house is once again a mess.  Furniture pulled away from the walls;  They did a very thorough job and I am pleased.  They were here 4 hours, so I didn't follow them around the entire time but I did watch what they do.
Hopefully, back to crafts tomorrow - or something a little more uplifting.

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