Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today is my dad's birthday - he is 87 years old!  Some of my favorite pictures...
Our tradition is to always call them on their birthdays and sing happy birthday to them.  It's getting a little harder since the girls have moved out, but we will be able to do it tomorrow.
We are also celebrating my youngest daughter's birthday - Kimberly turned 23 on June 10, but that was the day I was stung by the scorpion (it's all about me, right?) and that delayed things,  Then we couldn't get together - the three of us - until Thursday.  We had vacations, separate vacations, and work schedules to deal with, SO we are headed out for dinner now.  But I couldn't forget posting some pictures of my youngest...
 In high school - taking a photo of herself - the thing to do and she did it well.
 Babysitting Miss Myah and Miss Kylee.
 Trip to Nashville, Tennessee to work with inner city kids for a few weeks during the summer before her senior year in high school.
 Silliness with Tiffany.
 Modeling $$ sunglasses at the Bureau of Engraving in D.C. with her sister, Kate.
Lounging around with her roomie, Miss Vanessa.
Happy Birthday, Kimberly!  

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