Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Early morning excursion

On Friday night, I checked out Craig's List for possible estate sales in my area.  I found one that said it opened at 6:00 on Saturday and everything had to go.  I thought "I'm usually up at that time, but I'll just play it by ear."  I woke up at 5:57 AM, and as my car's clock proves, I was on my way by 6:15 a.m.  Not bad.  I even brushed my teeth.  I would not have called it an estate sale, though.  It was more of a "we just got married and are consolidating our homes" sale.  I bought a tower fan, silverware, and kitchen shears.  Not bad for $10.  I was able to get to another estate sale and I bought a Corningware electric skillet.  I didn't even know they made those, but I was totally intrigued.  I need to find a 10 x 10" corningware skillet.  Then my life will be complete - just teasing.  I have faith I will find one.
I am having fun sifting through other people' stuff!

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