Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lunch with a friend at a nostalgic restaurant

This week I was able to get away and go to lunch with Mary, who I have known since my work days at Sanders & Parks.  That has been a long time ago - happy memories, though.  Mary now works at Jones, Skelton & Hochuli - she just celebrated one year!  She had never been to McGurkee's Sandwich Shop (now it is an Italian Kitchen), so I thought I should take her there.  It is located at 15th Avenue and Thomas.  I tried to find the history of McGurkee's and the only information I could find is that it has the same owners since 1978, maybe before. 
They have a new sign and now offer pizza and pasta at night.  The old/regular menu is still offered at lunch.  The Super Sicilian sandwich is wonderful!  Half of one is more than enough.
This is the new patio.  We sat outside under an umbrella.  It was a little warm, but nice to be outside out of what I call "canned air."
Meet Mary.  I apologize for the dark picture, but we were sitting under the umbrella.

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