Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am so very jealous!

Nicole very early this morning headed out to an estate sale.  She got some great - and I mean great - finds!
In the first photo, it looks like there are corks, tupperware containers, a door knob, outdoor knobs, chains, a picture of an indian chief, a sink stopper thingy (I could have made her a deal on one I have), and more.  Wonder what she will do with all of that???
These next items were a steal!  The Royal portable typewriter looks to be in excellent shape.  The suitcase was only $3 - they obviously didn't know what they had.  And the trunk was only $8 - another good deal and it looks to be in great condition.  Now, Nicole, what will you do with all of this stuff?  Keep it in your trunk maybe?

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