Friday, September 16, 2011

What are your favorites?

I just LOVE used book sales - you get such great buys on books.  You just can't beat the prices.  In my office building, there is a group that holds a used book sale once, maybe twice a year.  The proceeds go to a charity.  This is what I bought this time for $9:
Nelson Demille wrote my favorite book ("The Charm School") and so I felt very comfortable picking Plum Island and The Lion's Game (which is a book on CD - looking forward to that).
The others, I have no idea if they are good are not, but the covers caught my eye.  Anyone ever heard of any of these?  Or even read one of them?
I would love to hear about some of YOUR favorite books.  I am always looking for good books to share with my book club.  Happy reading!

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