Saturday, September 17, 2011

We made our own mini Junk Bonanza

You remember my friend, Nicole, right?  Here she is 2 years ago... at Scrapfest09 with our friend, Cindy (on the right).  We went to Scrapfest10, along with stopping in at another event called Junk Bonanza.  We absolutely loved that!  There was so much cool junk and we were not prepared for that.
We talked about making it an annual event, but this year we made the decision not to go.  
And can you guess it?  Yes - we are s-a-d, with a capital "S."  We mentioned it once and no more.  It is what it is.
There is a story here.  On Nicole's way to work today, she passed a house that was open for an Estate Sale.  So she dropped her girls at school and headed back.  She bought something, I don't even know what.  She has promised me pictures.  So I twisted her arm, just a little, and we went on our lunch hour today.  Here are my purchases:
I think the basket is a picnic basket.  The metal racks came off of a peg board, an old spring loaded wrench, camp fire coffee pot a roll of rusted wired, rusty tongs, and an outdoor faucet.  Ooooh.

Not sure what I will do with these, but if nothing else, I will get a small piece of peg board for the craft room.  I think I could also stand up cards in them.  Maybe a great place to put Christmas cards as they come in.
A plaque that said "I need tender loving care.."  I can do something with that.  A book about sewing, 45 records, and a piece of tin that was hinged and folded flat into a tri-fold.  I am not sure about what to do with any of this, but I am excited about the possibilities.
Here's the inside of the book.  I really do like it.   It is so dated.
This faucet is a great find.  I want to use it on my rustic bird house.  I have also seen photos of bracelets made with them.  I am still gathering things for that.
So, Nicole and I made our own little "Junk Bonanza" right here in Phoenix.  We had a great time.  And I hope to share Nicole's great finds - I am just waiting for photos.

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