Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun Halloween Treats

Have you ever eaten candy corn and peanuts - at the same time?  The idea is to eat them together and they taste like a Payday candy bar.  They are so good!  I learned this from my Minnesota friends and usually put it together every Halloween.  So I came up with the following treat to take to my office and I love the presentation...
I didn't want to lay them in a basket, so I stood them up in a vase that I bought at IKEA.  It is perfect!  
I bought skinny little cellophane bags, used my paper scraps, and bought some stickers at the Dollar store.  My tiny attacher was perfect for closing these little bags.  I can't want to take them to the office on Monday.  
I put together treat bags for my daughter's first grade class.  I also have Halloween pencils for each of them.  I think they will definitely like the candy!
Have a great Halloween!

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Carrie Rosalind said...

I LOVE candy corn and peanuts together and I have a jar of it at my house right now! Those little packages of it are so cute though!!