Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Sliders" Class

Last Saturday, I taught my monthly card class - I called these cards "sliders" simply because they are two pieces and the top piece slides into the bottom piece.  Check out the event and all the smiley faces...
Linda and Betty are all smiles.  These two really work as a team - not only in putting their crafts together, but also in getting to the store.  One drives and the other navigates.  That would be the perfect kind of friend to have!
Cindy and Laurel - another couple of friends who spent the day just having a great time.
Lois and Amanda, who are now new friends.
Colleen and Amanda, mother and daughter, on the far end... then Valerie and Gayl .  The finished product?
Thanks, Ladies, for taking my class - it is always a pleasure to see you again!  See you again soon!


Holly said...

The cards are adorable! I was really into making cards and just recently decided to cut back. I had a garage sale and sold most of my things. It takes up so much room! However, if my cards had looked half as good as yours, I'd have kept it up.

tainted with a positive view said...

Thank you. I love making cards and would have a hard time giving my stuff up. Of all the crafts I've done over the years, paper crafts is the one thing that has "stuck."

ArtyMarti said...

I too love making cards, being able to create something in a small amount of time. Sometimes my stash gets too big, so I am grateful for places that I can donate them--nursing homes, troops, etc.