Monday, November 7, 2011

We've been having some gorgeous days here...

I let my two little dogs out for a potty break and Sophie immediately started sniffing around the yard.  She always monkeys around, plays with her ball before getting down to business.  I have to remind her multiple times over.
Not Jack.  He goes right out and does his thing, then on this particular day, he decided to lay in the sun and work on his tan.
He has always loved sitting in the sun, even when the pavement is hot.  I don't know how he does it.
I guess you just have to be a dog to understand.


ArtyMarti said...

My dogs are in snuggle mode. They haven't adjusted to our "cold" weather yet. It's 50 at 7am.

Melody said...

That's so funny. They all have their own personality. I have two dogs that like to go out and lay in the sun, even in the summer. They're both white and I have to make them come in so not to get a sunburn. Then I have Winston who spends about 10 minutes total in a day outside. I guess his motto is GIT-R-DONE.