Friday, December 23, 2011

Application to be Santa's Elf

You all probably know that one of my daughters is a first-grade teacher. I just love going to her class and interacting with the little people.  They are so darn cute.  Kate always incorporates art activities into her class projects.  One she did this year was having her students apply to be one of Santa's elves...
Maria would make a good elf because she helps her mom - a great attitude to have. 
 Emanuel believes he would be a good elf because he could get the reindeer.
And Abel would make a good elf because he wants to live at the North pole. 
I love the pictures they drew of themselves.
The kids also learned about graphs while eating gingerbread cookies...
Evidently the majority of people eat the head of a gingerbread first!

The reason I went to Kate's class this week was to share the cookies from our cookie exchange.

My contribution were Magic Bars - they turned out so good this year. 
 The assortment of cookies
And Kate's class holding up their cookies before they took a bite. 

Check tomorrow's blog for what to do if Santa gets stuck in your chimney!

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