Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spirit of Christmas AND helping a stuck Santa!

At Kate's school, there is a corporation - and I'm sorry, but I don't know the name - that sponsors the school at Christmas time.  I think what they do is buy a gift for each child at the school.  Each child gets the same gift and it changes from year to year.  This year the gift was a bicycle.  This photo is so amazing to me and definitely shows the spirit of Christmas:
They are lined up in the gym just waiting for the kids to take them home.  Love it!
Yestereday I told you I would let you know what to do if Santa got stuck in your chimney?  Well, here are the answers you might be looking for:

 Call Ms. Bradsher for help - yep, she might be able to come up with a solution.
 Hmmmm.  Not sure what this one is, but I'm sure it is a good plan.
 Tickle him - yes, that might work.
Finally, Francisco would push him down [the chimney]. 
Happy Christmas Eve! 
Hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for you and your families.

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