Sunday, December 4, 2011

Debby Schuh!

Today Paper Vineyard hosted two classes taught by designer Debby Schuh (a designer from New York) - I attended both and had a great time.  It was busy - we got right down to work and here are photos from today...
The kit for the first class of today - Grace Notes (inspired by a book titled A Thousand Gifts.)  This picture shows Nicole and Cindy working hard on their books.  Maryanna was next to me, but we were so busy, I did not have time to take photos of everyone in the class.  We moved at a steady pace and didn't have much time to visit, but everyone had a great time.
I still need to finish the cover of Grace Notes.  I want to use some personal family photos.
Inside pages...
We used Unibind products and actually created a bound book.  The paperline used was October Afternoon - Farmhouse, I think.
Debbie Schuh taking photos of everyone in the classes.
 This was the second class - a Christmas album
We had a busy day - but A LOT OF FUN!  Debby Schuh is always so organized and extremely personable.  Thanks to Paper Vineyard for hosting such a great day and providing us with a wonderful  lunch!


It's Me! Adriana said...

Thank you for getting Debby here, taking her classes, bringing munchines, helping PV on Saturday AND I even stole photos from here for Facebook. You are MARVELOUS! And I am not tainted at all when I say thank you for being you!

ArtyMarti said...

I loved Debbie's classes. She brings so much warmth to her teaching. A real person as well as a very talented one.