Monday, January 16, 2012

Map Art

As you know, I just LOVE pinterest!  It really is inspiring to me, but it also sucks my time.  I am always looking for new ideas and never sure if I will get around to them, but I can dream, right?  I have a place to go back to and just .... day dream....  I think this is very practical and wanted to share some of the photos I took off of pinterest and the internet...

 Checkbook cover
 Butterflies - to either frame or use in scrapbooking/cardmaking
 Simple hearts - perfect for this time of year when we are all thinking of Valentine's Day.
 Posies - I believe these have a finish on them and are definitely sewn, but still, something to consider.
 Envelope liners - and they could actually be used for making unique envelopes.
 Gift wrapping.

 When I googled it, I found more sophisticated art...
Amazingly creative!

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It's Me! Adriana said...

Absolutely love the photos