Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carter, the Great!

I work with Carter.  His group used to call him OGO (Oh, Great One!).  But now we are calling him Carter, the Great!
This last weekend, he was out shopping and at the Brass Armadillo, and he found this wall plaque advertising Carter the Great, The World's Weird Wonderful Wizard.  I guess we will have to start calling him Carter, WWWW.
Carter googled this character and evidently there was a REAL Carter the Great who lived during the years of 1974 - 1936.  Charles Joseph Carter got his start as a journalist and lawyer, then turned to magic.  He started in San Francisco but was better known abroad and was famous for the classic "sawing a women in half."    There is actually quite a bit of history regarding his home in San Francisco and it is very interesting.
Our Carter has decided to hang this plaque in his office - just so we don't forget who he is.

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