Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you find this weird?

I am always - and I mean always - intrigued and attracted to things that are different or unique or just downright strange.  You can ask Nicole.  She likes vintage.  I like things that are vintage, but weird.  She will tell you that if you put me in a room, the strangest person will hone in on me.  She thinks I am a magnet for anything (or anyone) weird.  I came across the following photo on pinterest and loved it!  A rug made out of the spines of books - who thought of that anyway?
In the right room, it would be amazing.  It would be a bear to keep clean, though.  You would constantly be vacuuming it.  Maybe it would make a better wall hanging.  What is one of the oddest things you have seen?

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Laurie said...

Oh, I've seen some odd things for sure -- especially at thrift stores! Sometimes I'm tempted to take out a camera and capture the weirdness, and sometimes I do! I love this book spine rug idea! I don't think it's odd, I think it's awesome!