Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Doggy Duds "London Dogg"

Do you remember I previously posted a picture of a doggie jacket that Diana's sister made?  They are so cute.  Well, I placed my order and a bunch of them came in today.  So I went home and tried to engage Jack and Sophie into taking part in a fashion show.  They weren't that thrilled, but here are the photos anyway:
Sophie - you know she hates new clothes!  After she stood still as a statue, she ran off to her kennel and curled up in her Harley Davidson blanket.  She loves that blanket.
It is hard to tell, but Jack's jacket reminded me of Sherlock Holmes.
Oh yeah, and the brand?  London Dogg.  Very classy.  Collar up.  Sherlock Holmes.
I went to check on Sophie - head down still snuggled up in her blankie.
She finally got used to her new duds and came out to be with the crowd.  Sophie and Jack say thank you to Miss Caroline for all of her hard work and great talent!

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