Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 days in the Poconos in Pennsylvania

After we left 3 days of bustling through NYC, we went to the Poconos, which was a huge change of pace.  It was so very green!
 This is the unit we stayed in - a 2 bedroom.  Rustic, but all three of us said we slept really, really good.  It was so dark there.
 This was taken standing on the back porch.  Deer would come up to the grassy area and we also saw ground hogs or wood chucks - I have a hard time telling them apart.
 We took a day and drove to Philadelphia... hoping to see the Liberty Bell, but I think all schools in Philadelphia were on a field trip that day.  The line was extremely long and it was too hot to stand in the sun.
 So instead we took a horse and buggy tour through the downtown/old part of Philly.  
It was educational and we actually loved that!
 I just couldn't pass up taking this photo.  We took a drive through the backroads by our resort.  They were completely shaded, winding roads - so very different than what we have here in Arizona.
The most excitement we saw in Pennsylvania were the feral cats who took residence under the back porch.
I put this picture in to remind me of the 8 different forms of travel that was utilized on this trip:
1. Airplane
2.  Taxi
3.  Subway
4.  Ferry boat
5.  Amtrak train
6.  Rental car
7.  Horse and buggy
8.  Limousine

Scrapbook that!

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