Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I just wanted to share a few photos of my trip to New York City...
This first photo was taken as we were walking along High Line Park.  The High Line is so very cool - a park built on an old elevated railroad bed and it is a mile long.  We walked clear to the end and I couldn't believe how crowded it was.  This is some roof top art we came across.  It was very cool!
This photo of Kate, Kim, and myself was taken at a fountain in Central Park.  We spent a short amount of time walking around the park and it is so huge.   This one afternoon was hot, hot, hot.  Most days it was rainy and cool, which helped with all of the walking.
You know this place - Time Square!  It was packed with people but surprisingly I was not bothered by that.
This is one of the fountains built at Ground Zero.  There are two situated where the Twin Towers were.  Very solemn.
We bought tea - LOTS of it - at this tea shop - David's Tea.  I was amazed at the facts that (1) the streets were crowded with people even though it was raining, (2) it was 10:30 at night and we were buying tea, and (3) the lady serving samples was happy to be there!
I took a picture of the "Stuarts" who are listed as immigrants who passed through Ellis Island.  Stuart is my mom's maiden name and I really want to see if I can follow up on some of these names.
Walking, walking, and walking.  That's Kate and Kim ahead of me.  I loved walking down streets with brownstones.
Pizza at John's on Bleecker.  Really, really good pizza and great atmosphere.  Extremely close to Rocco's (pastry/chocolate place - something great to know.
One of our many trips on the subway.  The girls definitely helped navigate me through that.
And, just a photo of the city.  It is amazing and I would love to go back.  Tomorrow - Pennsylvania.

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