Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving weekend...

No, not for me!  Did I fool you for even just a second?  If it were me moving, I would be crying right now!  Well, my oldest daughter, Kate, moved this weekend and I promised to bring food for all of the "movers" a/k/a "friends."  They were so good they were finished by 8:30.  Of course, Kate and Katie didn't have years of accumulated stuff to move - not yet anyway.   On the menu?  A request was made for lasagna, so that's what they got.
 Just a few of the supplies needed...
 Browned hamburger...
 No boil method and ready to pop into the oven.
This little one is for me.
Lasagna ~ salad ~ green beans (Kate loves them) ~ dinner rolls ~ cake!
They ended up finishing much earlier than planned, so rather than eat lasagna for breakfast, they went back to Kate's for dinner.  I missed the move entirely.  Don't be confused by that statement, I am not complaining.  Best to Kate, Katie, and Kelsey (yes, they picked up another roommate) in their new place!

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